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Affordable Roofline is a forefront installer of replacement roofline throughout Scotland. The term “Roofline” is used to describe materials such as Fascia, Bargeboards, Cladding and Soffits.

Each of these forms of materials form the frontage of most homes below the eaves and the actual roof. To help you understand the work we do better, we’ve described each of the individual materials below.

Affordable Roofline provides a complete roofline replacement service, removing your existing roofline and installing brand new replacements, complete with a ten year guarantee. We cover the whole of Scotland too. Find more about why you should consider us here.

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The term Fascia is usually used by architects and builders and would refer to a strip or band which is aligned horizontally under the edge of a roof, it is visible to onlookers outside and it forms the exterior layer of a roofs ledge.

The actual word “fascia” originates from the Latin word meaning “band, ribbon, bandage, swathe” and is pronounced as fayshaa with a long “a” sound and can be described as rhyming with geisha the Japanese word.

The term is used specifically to describe the board set horizontally which is capped at the end of a rafter outside of buildings to hold in place the rain gutter.

The surface directly below the rafters and fascia is what’s known as the soffit or eave.

When a roof is made with a steep-slope or has a high top a board will be nailed at the very end of the roof rafters and would sometimes be used to support a gutter.


Soffit is originated from the French word soffite which forms the ceiling, in architecture it describes the underneath of construction elements.

Soffit is most popular for being used as the material which forms the top of a house wall from the outside to the exterior edge of the roof which is often known as the eaves.

When constructed, soffit would be nailed or screwed to what’s known as lookout rafters.


The gutter of a house can also be referred to as eavestrough, a simple gutter or in some cases an eaves channel. This is a typically a narrow like channel or half tube which is put together to form a roof system which diverts rainwater from roofs.

A rain gutters purpose is to protect the foundation of buildings by diverting water away from the base work. A gutter also helps to reduce the building and framework eroding and protecting the paintwork and structure.

A range of materials can be used to make a gutter the usual would be Plastic, however the can be constructed using cast iron, zinc, wood, galvanised steel, painted aluminium, Copper, lead, PVC and a huge range of other plastic materials.

When the rain water is collected via the gutter it feeds the water to the buildings base via a downspout which is often referred to as a conductor or leader. When it reaches the bas it can be either collected or drained into the water system by a small grid feature.


A bargeboard originates from the Medieval Latin meaning bargus, scaffold or barcus and strengthens the gables of a roof when it is fastened to them.

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